My anxiety dreams ranked from least to most uneasy.

1. The crocodile pond: in these dreams I’m always with people, and they always take place on a campus or in some sort of weird city. Me and the people, usually various friends, are on some sort of mission to get to somewhere on time or find someone/something. There’s always a section of the city or a a part of the campus that is a pond that you can cross via floating wooden bridges. There are never any rails. It’s known that the pond is full of crocodiles,!and that no one should try to cross it. However, in the search for whatever, my friends and I always end up having go that way. I don’t always fallen in the first time we cross, and sometimes I have to jump in to get something. The water is never more than shoulder high ; there is no threat of drowning. Just the threat that in the water there are hundreds of crocodiles. I could bump into one at any time. They’re always hunting, and you can never see them. The water is like black glass except for the ripples I make. I always try to walk very slowly. I know if I bump into something I’ll die. I’m never attacked until I start to get out of the water no matter how long I’m in there for. I usually always escape.

2. My old house: I’m in my old house back in Kentucky. My family is throwing a party and all my friends from high school are there and we have a great time. My parents and their friends leave to go on a trip, and we have the house for a few days. There’s a part where we’re all living in the house together, and arguing about stuff. These people show up who want to buy the house. I tell them that we’re still living there but my parents will be back soon. They leave, but later these officers and agents come. They say they’re investigating a disturbance, they poke around a while and ask us questions. They ask I to leave the house but I say no. Some of my friends leave, but few stay with me. As the officer/agents are snooping around. I over hear them plotting to kill us. At this point my friends and I or either outside and try to sneak away hoping they don’t know that we know, or we get captured and locked in my bedroom. Either way, I undo my window in this particular fashion I discovered how to do once as a child. We climb out and are escaping into the field/woods to the side of the house. The distance between my house and my neighbors has turned into a fully wooded area, so we decide to cut through to the road. I lose my friends. I’m running in that awful way you run in dreams. The agents realize I’m gone and are after me. The distance between me and the road keeps growing, I make it to the road eventually. I either hide at the neighbors across the street (an abandon bait shop full of dead things and mean gnome like creatures that help hide me, but then won’t let me leave) or try to make it on the road. When I try to run on the road, I know if I make it around the bend I’ll be safe, but it’s up hill and the road keeps stretching. I can tell that the agents have either released dogs or morphed into dogs themselves. I just keep running. Sometimes I wake up. I almost always realize I’m dreaming in this dream. If I get to the bend in the road there’s a car, and the landscape changes to rolling green hills, and a blank sky. I keep walking on the road trying to change my dream, and create people, but nothing stays because I never think I’ll make it that far.

3. The glacier and the sunken resort: I can never remember which part comes first, they’re probably separate dreams, but seem related.

Part 1: I’ve won or volunteered for some sort of exhibition to the North Pole to explore this giant glacier. The glacier is the tallest thing in the world, and we have to climb up or down it. I’m uneasy because I’m afraid of heights, but I don’t leave. During the climb we discover a village of people who have been living on the face of the glacier, and they warn us to go back. The group of explores argue amongst themselves about what they should do since they’ve been climbing for days and haven’t found anything. I want go back, because I’m deathly afraid of heights and don’t trust ice. Whatever we choose we start to climb again and this time I’m much more scared of falling than before. You can’t see the bottom it’s just dark blue. Either way we awaken some sort of ice god. The god doesn’t really do much, but the glacier begins to crumble, as planes try to rescue us. Sometimes I make it to a plane, but it crashes. Sometimes I just fall into the dark blue. I feel every bit of the fall, and the impact with the ground.

Part 2: I wake up in an ice resort. It’s hard to explain, it’s like a steampunk cruise ship or a giant luxury submarine, but it’s inside this enormous ice cavern. I can tell that’s it deep beneath the ice, probably miles underneath. People act like it’s a vacation spot, but they’re all trapped here. No one leaves. No one knows how they got here, or if there is a way out. I spend my time running around enjoying the resort for a while. I eat fancy dinners and go to the spa. Then I usually meet someone who takes me deeper into the ice caverns. This is illegal in the sense that trying to enter the “crew only” parts of a cruise ship is illegal. While walking in the caverns the person shows me this cave that looks like a mad scientist’s lab. Someone was obviously experimented on something here, but it seems ancient, and they’re obviously dead. Also in this cave we light so many torches that you can then tell that there are giant creatures frozen in the ice. The person and I keep sneaking away to the cave, because it’s our little secret, until one time the creatures begin to move. We don’t know what to do, and I realize I’m trapped beneath tons of ice surrounded by giants. We try to find a way out of the caverns and we do. We go back to tell people and they get mad at us for exploring the caves, and not being thankful for the resort. They blame us for waking up the monsters. They lock us up, but crew member let’s us out, and we take them with us. As we try to escape all the monsters are moving around in the ice, roaring. There are dinosaurs, and giant sharks, but the worst is the kraken. It’s the biggest. Like the whole cavern is it’s air bubble, big. We find the stair case, and try to escape. At this point people are either panicking, or pretending like nothing is wrong. Some of them are chasing us in the stair case, and the ice starts to crack. Sometimes we get caught and the straits collapse. There’s no way out. They take us to the cave and lock us in as the ice cracks and thaws. The monsters roar around us. There’s no way out. Sometimes we make it out as everything is collapsing, and find ourselves at the bottom of a huge glacier. It’s very dark and there are still monsters in the ice roaring. We have to climb up, but I’m afraid of heights and don’t trust ice.

4. The sinking cruise ship: my family is going on a cruise, because of bad timing I don’t get to room near them. Most the dream is spent doing either fun, or stressful family related vacation things. Sometimes there’s a part where the ship is hijacked by pirates, and we escape into the jungle only to circle back and re-board while they’re looking for us. Always towards the end the ship is dock near this grimy, bustling port, for some city. It’s a stop on the cruise, and as we board to leave the sky gets dark, and all these helicopters start flying around. I know they’re there to report about the ship sinking. There are smaller boats there to rescue people, but we all board like we don’t know what’s about to happen. We set sail, and a storm begins. It hails. Lightening strikes the ship, and it begins to turn on its side. Everyone is jumping over board as this massive ship is sinking and creaking. My family is always saved, but I begin to sink very slowly. I panic at first, because I’m drowning, but after drowning for a while I realize that I can breath in the water or that I’ve drowned and am “dead”. (I “die” frequently in dreams but nothing really changes other than my acknowledgement that what has happened to me has “killed” me). I continue to sink slowly and can see that the ocean is vast, and dark. I sink past the layer of rescue where small subs and scuba divers are catching people. The next layer is dark blue and full of sea creatures, they are harmless but also very cruel, and don’t try to help me either. The more I sink the more terrified I become. I getting closer to the black, and once again there’s the movement of large, horrible things. I sink into the darkness, and sense massive monsters swimming past me. I know I should be still and not draw attention to myself. I eventually find the bottom and I’m standing there in the dark. I’m thankful because nothing can see me. Then sometimes this spot light appears on me, and I’m terrified again. It’s not very bright, like a cone of dull blue/grey glow. They can see me, and I can nearly make out their shadows. I wish that the light would go away. I wish that could swim back to the surface, or that a submarine will find me. I usually stay there until I wake up.