I am a functional person, who cannot control how others react. I can care about people’s well being while knowing that I am not responsible for their emotions.

I am not dysfunctional. I am not defective. I am not broken. Comparing myself to others is unproductive and is not an accurate measure of my worth.

My body is and that’s ok. My body is and that’s ok. My body is acceptable. My body is enough. I cannot control who is and isn’t attracted to my body. I must assume that if someone finds me attractive that they are telling me the truth. My body is not a joke. My body is. My body will change. It is still my body. Even if my body changes it is still worthy of care and acceptance. I am more than my body but my body is still apart of me and should not be neglected. My body is a moral neither good nor bad. It may hurt and not be comfortable at times but it is still my body and should not be neglected or resented.

I am enough. I am enough. I am likable. I am lovable. I will not always feel likable or lovable, but that does not mean I’m not. I am not an after thought I am worth attention and consideration. I am worthy of affection and care. I have value and I deserve to be treated as valuable. I cannot control who does or doesn’t value me but I can control who allow into my life.

I am allowed to reject relationships that I do not want.