What I want

A small house in a quiet area with a yard I can relax in and grow herbs Or A 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony

A fat chihuahua

A boyfriend that is caring and funny and supportive, bearded, thicc, tolerant of my weakness

Either to like my body or to change it

Self control, control over my emotions


To be adored

To feel like I deserve love

Feet that are one size smaller

To feel like belong, to feel at home somewhere

To feel normal

To like what I do, or at least not have to do things I don’t want to at work

To have energy and focus to have a hobby

To travel

Afford clothes, have a distinct style

I’m that friend that’s either in the corner waiting to go home, or I’m nervously talking over everyone and telling jokes. There’s no in between. My whole personality is just: funny friend, crop tops, chai latte, depression